Layout, plan and design of the overall project, outside and inside spaces
Planning, design and carry-out drawings for large-scale commercial, shopping mall, department store, megastore, theme park, street mall, large-scale theme restaurant, specialty store, flagship store, urban planning, residential public area & club house, large-scale event hall, landscape etc.
Overall planning and development of commercial facilities
Market research, data analyze and decision of thematic concept for commercial facilities, shopping mall, department store, megastore, theme park etc.
Architecture master plan, landscape design, commercial interior design, merchandise zoning plan, MD strategy, and the provision of comprehensive KNOW HOW from the early stages of commercial development through the successful launch of fully operational facilities.
Consultation services for commercial facility development
Planning and development of large-scale commercial facilities, and planning and implementation of the entire development process or developing stage.
The consultation of the implementation includes the execution of the general development plan, MD plan, system of operation, sales and marketing and other related plans.
SI Design
The store & space identity design for specialty store & shopping centers (Store space planning & identity image planning).
Including market research, concept strategy, naming, VI planning that are needed for the execution of the above design work.